Season 8 Kicks Off!

Season 8 will commence on Monday, January 25. Any team who has completed eight games (no more, no less) by the end of March will be eligible for the playoffs. Top four teams will slug it out in a tournament to determine the ultimate champ-een, which will occur sometime in April.

Entry fees this season will be $15, payable to myself or the Ass-mish. All funds collected will go directly into the prize pool. Final prize breakdown will be dependent on the number of fees collected.

The only major rule change this year will be the tiebreak rules for final ranking. First tiebreak will be number of wins (6W-0D-2L will rank higher than 5W-3D-0L), and second tiebreak will be season ELO (with the lower ELO being ranked higher in the standings).

Good luck, and we’ll see you on the pitch!