All Hail the S7 Champs!

Congrats to the new HoBBLe champions… The Sand Iego Chargers!

A full rundown of the day’s results are as follows:

First Place: Alex’s Sand Iego Chargers (Khemri)
Second Place: Ken’s Goretown Bone Rollers (Necromantic)
Third Place: (Tie) Nicco’s Ostland Bulls and Joe’s Manchuckster United (both Human)

(Joe and Nicco decided to eschew overtime and share third).

Best Appearance: Nicco’s Ostland Bulls.
Favourite Opponent: Brian Henry (I have trophy dice for you, since you couldn’t make it out)

Thanks to all coaches who participated in Season 7. Remember that Open League is still ongoing for new teams, so you can still get in some Blood Bowl between seasons.

Watch for Season 8 early in the new year.