Piglet Pot Results – Season 5 Begins!

This past Sunday saw 8 rookie teams battle it out to become this year’s Piglet Pot champion! When the dust settled after three rounds it was Tyler and his Hashut’s Heathens Chaos Dwarf team who was left standing in 1st place. Congratulations to Tyler and to all coaches that participated.

The final standings were as follows: (Full statistics here)

  1. Hashut’s Heathens – Chaos Dwarfs – Tyler
  2. Illadelphia Carvers – Dark Elves – Dave
  3. Tor Elyr Stallions – High Elves – Kevin
  4. Da Misfits – Goblins – Mike
  5. Karak Nhati Bengals – Dwarfs – Tristan
  6. Gotta-WAAAGH! Boar Rydaz – Orcs – Ken
  7. The Yvresse Thunder – High Elves – Nicco
  8. Nut Chuggers – Humans – Christian

This year’s player awards were won by the following:

I was able to take a few photos of the teams that participated as well as a few in-game shots. Enjoy!

With this season’s Piglet Pot completed, Season 5 has now begun! Good luck to all coaches!