Blingtoof’s Gitbash 2011

Note: This post was originally posted on in November 2011.

This past weekend was the 1st Annual Blingtoof’s Gitbash Bloodbowl tournament! It was held here in Toronto at the very awesome gaming store Meeplemart. My buddy Tristan from GWPertinent has been trying to convince me to attend one of the many Bloodbowl tournaments he goes to every year, but I was always a little hesitant to go. But with Blingtoof being held at my local gaming store, I didn’t really have an excuse! So I got out my old Nurgle Rotters team, put together a roster (with Tristan’s help), and headed on down to test my very poor Bloodbowl skills against some of the best players in Ontario!

Blingtoof had a few rules that were a little different from your average Bloodblowl tournament. Since it was obviously Goblin themed, there some awesome rules for fielding goblins on any team, encouraging fouling, and sneaking goblins onto the pitch during the game. This added a lot of flavour to the whole event and was really a lot of fun. It also gave me an excuse to paint up some awesome new goblin models for my Nurgle Team!

Some of the prizes

So with all that explanation out of the way, lets dive right in to the games I played over the weekend and how I ended up doing.


First game: Dave – Orcs

Game 1 - Orcs

For various reasons, I was really happy that I wasn’t facing a nimble, playmaking, Av7 team like Wood Elves for the first game. But 4 Black Orcs, 4 Blitzers and a Troll is not something to take lightly. But at least they were playing the same game as my Nurgle team was! After grinding him down over the first half, play didn’t really move past the line of scrimmage for either team. As I came into the tournament wanting to play a solid defensive game, this was great encouragement that I was actually doing something right.

Game 1 - Orcs

Game 1 - Orcs

In the kick-off for the second half, a blitz result came up and that helped me to bash through a flank to a score quick touchdown. The Orc team did the same thing back to me on the last kick off, but my defense held him just within 3-4 squares to a touch down for a good 3-4 turns and secured me the win.

1-0 win for the Stagnant Society!


Second game: Alex – Norse

Game 2 - Norse

For my second game, Alex surprised me with his Norse team. It was not a team that I have any experience playing against and I really didn’t expect to see one at the tournament. It turned out to be a nightmare team for me to face, as everyone was Av7/8, almost entirely with block and backed up with Werewolves and a Yeti with frenzy to mess me up even farther. By turn 4 of the first half I only had 3 models left on the board. He had killed, injured, or knocked out almost my entire team. It was nasty, but luckily all my players regenerated from their wounds giving me a full roster for the second half. I started that second half down by only a single touchdown (a feat considering what I had to work with) and I had almost managed to push a tie, but he outplayed me and scored again late in the second.

0-2 loss.


Third game: Tyler – Orcs

Game 3 - Orcs

Last game of the day was against another Orc Team! A much better matchup for me than those damn drunk Vikings. While Chris’ Orc roster was a little different that what I previously faced, the core of 4 black orcs, a troll and some blizters was the same. I was confident that I knew what my team needed to do.

Game 3 - Orcs

Game 3 - Orcs

Whatever plans I had didn’t really matter once I started rolling stupid good and filled his dugout with knocked out Orcs to score a quick touchdown. He almost managed a comeback touchdown with an amazing thrown goblin maneuver, but it was countered with some goblin tricks of my own. The dice were certainly on my side for most of this game, we could only laugh at how many 10′s and 11′s I ended up rolling.

3-0 win for the Stagnant Society!

Game 3 - Orcs


Fourth game: Chris – Underworld

Game 4 - Underworld

First game of the second day was against the Tournament Organizer! This was a really interesting game, as up to this point I was playing against fairly bashy teams. I had to really adjust my strategy to face a team made up of Goblins and Skaven. Chris also had a really cool theme with his army, using these awesome pumpkin people models for his Gobos and the Troll. The team really looked great and had a lot of flavour. If he wasn’t the TO filling in to round out the matchups, I would have probably voted for him for best team.

Game 4 - Underworld

Lots of crazy stuff happened in this game, but unfortunately it now being a few days later I kinda forgot most of the details. The main things I remember were 1) Chris was an absolute blast to play against 2) I manage to keep his troll on his ass for most of the game. I also remember that it was a very close game and while we were at 1-1 for most of the second half, we were both in position to take the lead at various points. While we came close a few times, neither one of us managed to score that second touchdown!

1-1 tie for the Stagnant Society.


Fifth game: Mark – Humans

Game 5 - Humans

Finally, a human team! Mark is a very good player. He was telling me that he brought his team to practice for the World Cup and here I was not even knowing that there was a World Cup! It was a good feeling knowing that I was matched up against a very experienced player for this last game. Both of us came into it with a 2-1-1 record and this ended up being an important game for both of us, as the winner would end up fairly high in the final rankings. Unfortunately the game didn’t go very well. After opening strong with some hot dice and knocking out a lot of his players in the opening turns, he came back strong to score early in the first half. I managed to break through his line late in the first to come within squares of evening up the score, but his superior play stopped that cold.

Game 5 - Humans

My dice rolling cooled off significantly in the second half right in time for his to heat up and it was not pretty for me. The game ended up mirroring my only loss in the previous day and it was a lesson that I have a long way to go to being a great Bloodbowl player.

0-3 loss for the Stagnant Society.


Final Results

The final prize table

So at the end of the weekend I ended up doing much better than I expected to. My final record was 2-2-1 which ended up being 9th out of 14 overall. Not bad! I know if I managed to win either of my games on the last day I would have placed a lot higher. But really, I wasn’t in last place and that’s what mattered to me. It also really helped that I ended up winning the award for Best Team! Since this award was completely player voted, it means that much more to me. I was so very happy to go home with my own Sack of Rats award and a copy of the Blood Bowl Team Manager card game. And just to make things even better, Tristan ended up winning the Most Fouls award (which was second in prestige only to the Overall award) by a very wide margin – something he had his sights set on all weekend. You can read up on his experience over on his blog. And if you’re interested, you can head on over to the Blingtoof blog and see more details on the final results for all players at the tournament.

Now that my Bloodbowl tournament cherry has been popped, I’m bound to attend more in the future. At the very least, expect to see me at Blingtoof 2012!