History of the League

The Hogtown Bood Bowl League’s roots go all the way back to 2010. At that time a bunch of guys were getting together to play some Blood Bowl at our local GW store on Sunday afternoons. After a few weeks we decided that a league was needed. We called it The NBBL, the Naggaroth Blood Bowl League because in the Warhammer World the continent of Naggaroth corresponds with the geographic location of Canada and it was winter at the time, so why not play in the Land of Chill? We even came up with a set of rules for playing in the various cities of the Dark Elf nation. Back then we didn’t really have a set season; it was a free for all with coaches playing as many games as possible. While it was fun and had some great moments, its lack of structure made it short lived. With no real goal, no glittering prize players just played game after game, and some teams played a lot more games than others. As a result interest in the league dwindled and eventually the NBBL fell apart before it really had a chance.

Flash forward a year or so to Blingtoof’s Gitbash 2011. It was at that tournament that we got the idea to resurrect the blood bowl league. However, this time we were determined to do it right. We liked the dark elf theme and so the NaBBLe rose from the ashes of the NBBL. The new Naggaroth Blood Bowl League was set up to have a 10 game regular season with an 8 team playoff at the end of the two month season (that was later reduced to the top 4 teams). We set up a facebook group to arrange games, discuss blood bowl and generally talk smack on. We also initiated the use of the Online Blood Bowl League Management software that really allowed us to run the league successfully. The coaches involved in the creation of the new league all had the same goal. We wanted a league that would be perpetual, and attract old time player and new ones alike, a league with longevity that could grow to become the premier Blood Bowl League in Toronto.

That first season was great success with 14 teams participating in 134 games including playoffs and grudge matches. As fate would have it, the dark elf themed league would have a dark elf team, the Karond Kar Raiders, as its champions for the season. Everyone agreed that it was a great season of games and such was the excitement that we immediately started to plan season two.

Our second season was set up hot on the heels of the first with only a month off in between. However, in that short span of time, several things changed. The first was the dropping of the NaBBLe name and the dark elf theme. While a few were sentimental and a little sad to see it go, everyone agreed that we needed something fresh and new. In its place the league would become the HoBBLe; The Hogtown Blood Bowl League (The name Hogtown refers to one of Toronto’s old nicknames from back when the city was surrounded by numerous pig farms and the city’s economy was driven by agriculture). Along with the new name came the “house team”, The Hogtown Cobb Rollers. We created a team that would be made up of nothing but pigs (counting them as halflings). The idea was to allow new teams an opportunity to play the Cob Rollers to build up some star player points and gold before they had to face the more veteran teams of the league. Another coach in the league would play the Cobb Rollers. This worked out pretty well for most of the freshman teams with one notable exception; you’re not supposed to have players die when playing the Hogtown Cobb Rollers! The second season came to a close with the Warpstone Stealers taking the top prize.

If the first season was the outset of our quest, then the second season was certainly the crucible. With the first tow season in the record books we move forward and continue to grow and evolve the league. The goal of creating a perpetual blood bowl league where new and old coaches alike can test their skill and have some fun has been achieved, but we can’t rest on our laurels yet, the league continues to grow and evolve and we have some great plans for future events both inside and outside the league. Stay tuned!