Professor Grodbort’s Fantastical Re-Animen

he finest engineering mind to ever graduate from the Empires School of Engineers*, Professor Grodbort is currently revolutionizing the way Blood Bowl is played. Through a unique combination of steam power, engineering know how, corpse re-purposing, and perhaps just the smallest amount of warpstone, the Fantastical Re-Animen arrived on the scene in the second season to make an immediate and dramatic impact on the league. Through the use of programmable players and constant tinkering, the Fantastical Re-Animen will prove to be a constant threat season after season.

The Fantastical Re-Animen did not win any awards during their inaugural season.

Their record is: 7-1-4. With 24 td’s for and only 13 against. They have inflicted 33 casualties including 5 kills, and have only given up 13.

Current Roster