Ostland Bulls

A bruising human team from the Ostland region of the empire, the Bulls were well placed to become a dominant team in the league. With a  front line dominated by Scrumpy, who lead the league in casualties for the inaugural season, the Bulls played a punishing game that ultimately had them seeded 3rd over all at the end of the regular season. Unfortunately a caravan that they were traveling in became waylaid by a massive snowstorm as they went through a mountain pass and the team was never seen again. There have been rumored sightings here and there, but nothing that has been verified.

Since the team was missing at awards time, they were not in fact eligible to win any awards.

The Bulls finished their first season with a record of 6-0-4. With 18 td’s for and 17 against. They inflicted 22 casualties including 5 kills, while only giving up 13 casualties.

Current Roster