da Badlandz Deff Ramz

Based on the ’99 Superbowl Champion Rams. Every player is named after a player from that year – with as close to a rhyming moniker for violence that I could find. Also stole the ’99 Rams motto. Each model has the correct jersey number for the player they are based on; highlights include MVP thrower Hurt Warner and star blitzer Mash’all Folk.

This was the first thing I painted when I started gaming again, and I’m really happy with the fluff I’ve created for them, the logo and names/numbers – to say they’ve paid me back wouldn’t quite be an understatement, but with heroics like this being performed there’s always hope.

race: orcs

condition: 24/26 models complete quality standard (96%)

motto: Got’z ta Go’z to Work’z


  • paint turn counter
  • find re-roll counters
  • find head coach model?
  • find other fluffy models?


NAF Ranking

132.04 (59th in Canada)


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