Deathbowl X

Check out my preamble to Deathbowl X here.  I did make a last minute change to my roster, dropping Strong Arm on the troll and Catch/Sprint on the goblin to give the goblin Pro and +MV.  Thinking back upon it now I wish I hadn’t of changed my roster as I was always failing the ... Read More »

October 26, 2012 ·

Tournament Report

da Badlandz Deff Ramz

Based on the ’99 Superbowl Champion Rams. Every player is named after a player from that year – with as close to a rhyming moniker for violence that I could find. Also stole the ’99 Rams motto. Each model has the correct jersey number for the player they are based on; highlights include MVP thrower ... Read More »

October 26, 2012 ·


Waaagh Dis Way

Waaagh Dis Way is a joint effort between a small group of clanless Orcs and the famous Goblin entrepreneur Fungus “Fungus” Fungus. Tired of being pounded into snot Fungus met up with a group of other disenfranchised greenskins. Though their bloodlust is strong as ever, da boyz grew tired of chopping and stabbing and doing ... Read More »

September 6, 2012 ·