Dark Elves

Dark Elf skill progression

Witch Elves Normal: Block/Wrestle, Side Step, Leap Double: Mighty Blow, Piling On Stats: +ST, +AG (+MV, +AV) I like the utility of wrestle very much. It adds a lot of dimension to your game, and is especially effective on a Jump Up piece. I always choose wrestle over block on my Witches. Usually would want ... Read More »

August 8, 2012 ·


Dark Elf TV1000 starting roster

I have run my dark elves in a few leagues and have tried a couple very different builds, but I definitely feel that the build I used recently in Season 1 of the HoBBLe (at the time, NaBBLe) is now my preferred. In previous attempts I have started with no blitzers to try and squeeze in ... Read More »

August 1, 2012 ·


Karond Kar Raiders

Coached by Tristan and based on the hated ’80 Superbowl Champion Raiders. Every player is named after a player from that year, with the correct jersey number. Awards First Place/Best Coach @  NaBBLe Season 1 Witch King Cauldron Champions (NaBBLe Season 1 playoffs) Record Overall 18/4/12 w/d/l Golden Sweetbun ’10: 2/0/4 w/d/l NBBL Season 2 @ GW Yonge & ... Read More »

July 31, 2012 ·