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Piglet Pot Results – Season 4 Begins!

Congratulations to Dave and the Doom Flayers for winning S4 Piglet Pot! Going undefeated through 3 games was enough to secure victory. All of the results have been input, so you can add the skills your players received throughout the tournament. No changes to FF were applied, all new teams will enter season 4 with ... Read More »

February 18, 2013 ·


The Piglet Pot – Season 4

Been too busy to make a proper post about the Piglet Pot so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. All teams will be built to 1mil TV and, as per usual, no team will be able to purchase Fan Factor during creation and will instead be given 5 free FF. The tourney ... Read More »

February 14, 2013 ·


Congrats to The Zerkberkers! HoBBLe Season 3 champs!

Dave’s ZERKBERKERS are the HoBBLe Season 3 champs! A hearty “kudos” to Ken’s Razers and Grazers for finishing second and Tristan’s Karond Kar Raiders for taking home the bronze. I would also like to congratulate Tyler and Nicco who tied votes for Best Sportsmanship, and myself for winning Best Appearance. This has been a fantastic ... Read More »

December 8, 2012 ·


Season 3 Awards!

Note (you can skip this…) – Due to conflicts with transitioning from the ‘old’ award system, I’ve had to make some adjustments to how awards are distributed until all players are on the same page. In short, players who already have Fan Favorite and win an award for the first time instead choose one of ... Read More »

December 7, 2012 ·


Season 3 Playoffs – December 8th 2012

The HoBBLe season 3 playoffs will be held SATURDAY DEC 8th AT NOON All regular season games must be played and input by 11:59pm on Thursday Dec 6th. Season 3 awards will be posted here and on the website the next day, and any coach with players receiving bonus skills must declare their selection to ... Read More »

November 28, 2012 ·


Developing Chaos Dwarfs: Mid-Season Thoughts

I just finished up my 6th game of the season last Tuesday so I thought I’d record some thoughts on how my team is progressing. I played Chaos Dwarfs in season 1 but I painted up a new team and wanted to start them from scratch with their own history. You can click here to ... Read More »

November 5, 2012 ·


Deathbowl X

Check out my preamble to Deathbowl X here.  I did make a last minute change to my roster, dropping Strong Arm on the troll and Catch/Sprint on the goblin to give the goblin Pro and +MV.  Thinking back upon it now I wish I hadn’t of changed my roster as I was always failing the ... Read More »

October 26, 2012 ·

Tournament Report

da Badlandz Deff Ramz

Based on the ’99 Superbowl Champion Rams. Every player is named after a player from that year – with as close to a rhyming moniker for violence that I could find. Also stole the ’99 Rams motto. Each model has the correct jersey number for the player they are based on; highlights include MVP thrower ... Read More »

October 26, 2012 ·


Welcome to the Hogtown Blood Bowl League’s Website!

Our 3rd illustrious season kicks off at noon on Sunday, Sept 30th at Meeplemart – Toronto’s finest miniature, wargame and boardgame retailer who is kind enough to host us in his bright, spacious retail loft for a third season. This ain’t the dark basement you’re used to playing in! For directions to our location or ... Read More »

September 27, 2012 ·


Karak Nhati Bengals

Based on the ’88 Conference Champion Bengals. Every player is named after a player from that year. Each model has the correct jersey number for the player they are based on; highlights include NFL MVP / UPI AFL-AFC Player of the Year / PFWA NFL MVP and All-Pro bombardier Boomer Eziasson and 7 other pro ... Read More »

September 26, 2012 ·