Welcome to the Hogtown Blood Bowl League’s Website!

Our 3rd illustrious season kicks off at noon on Sunday, Sept 30th at Meeplemart – Toronto’s finest miniature, wargame and boardgame retailer who is kind enough to host us in his bright, spacious retail loft for a third season. This ain’t the dark basement you’re used to playing in!

For directions to our location or to get some great deals on all your gaming needs, visit www.meeplemart.com

The HoBBLe would not be possible if it weren’t for the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers (such as myself!). I would like to take a moment to acknowledge Mike for all his hard work in setting up and hosting our dedicated league website, and to Christian for setting the ground work of what is becoming the GTA’s premier Blood Bowl league.

If you have any questions or wish to join, drop me a line at commish@thehobble.com or simply drop by!

See you on the pitch!