The Piglet Pot – Season 5

The Piglet Pot is a tourney held to kick off the beginning of each season for the Hogtown Bloodbowl League. Each team has 1 million gold to build a team. Star players are not available.

3 games will be played, resurrection style. Star player points will be recorded. The point of the Pot is to develop teams a little quicker than a normal season would allow and give a coach the chance to test out a new team before committing to the regular season.

The cost will be 10 dollars to new coaches. New coaches will receive a pair of HOBBLE dice. If you decide to join our league the 10 dollars will be deducted from league fees. The Pot is free to league members.

We have a rotating roster of around 16 coaches and are always looking for more opponents.

The location is Meeplemart, a neighborhood gamestore and online retailer, there are several places to eat nearby.

Please arrive at 11:30 to preregister.

To save time, please have your rosters ready before noon. Im hoping each game takes about 90 minutes as there are no skills or special rules to consider. At the 1:45 mark the game will end and we will prepare to begin the next round. Remember to keep track of SPP accurately. Skills will be rolled at the end of the day and models who have earned 2 skills will have to roll and choose 1 at a time.


290 Carlaw Ave.
Unit 202
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4M 3L1


Saturday September 14th
11:30am until ?? pm