The Piglet Pot – Season 4

Been too busy to make a proper post about the Piglet Pot so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. All teams will be built to 1mil TV and, as per usual, no team will be able to purchase Fan Factor during creation and will instead be given 5 free FF. The tourney will be resurrection style, SPPs will be generated but no upgrades may be purchased with them until after the 3 rounds, no inducements may be purchased, and Gold generation will be fixed.

You are not required to spend the entire 1mil gold during team composition; any excess gold is kept in your team treasury until after the tournament. Note that as a fixed TV tourney, you will NOT be allowed to purchase inducements due to TV disparity. The only exceptions to this rule are Goblin teams can choose to not spend all the 1mil and use TV difference to purchase Bribe inducements only. Similarly, Halfling teams can induce a master chef. These are the only inducements allowed.

Make sure your team has been created and saved in our League manager before you show up for the Tournament! Please either submit a link to your team roster or bring a roster print out on the day of the event.


290 Carlaw Ave.
Unit 202
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4M 3L1


Saturday February 16th
12:00am until ?? pm