Season 7 Begins!

Season 7 is now live in OBBLM. If you’ve got a new team and want to try to sneak in an Open match or two before starting the season, now’s the time to do it. Remember. once a team has played in a regular season matchup, it is no longer eligible for Open league play.

$20 gets you a pair of fab pink dice, and makes you eligible to win prizes at the end of the season.

New HoBBLe coaches… don’t forget to register in our league manager and create your teams. If you have any questions about using the OBBLM site, post ’em here. Also, take a moment to familiarize yourself with our league rules.

I will attempt to make myself available at Meeplemart at least once a week to collect fees, distribute dice, answer questions, kiss hands, and shake babies. I’m deputizing Nicco to also collect fund and distribute dice, once I get him some dice, that is.