Season 3 Playoffs – December 8th 2012

The HoBBLe season 3 playoffs will be held SATURDAY DEC 8th AT NOON


290 Carlaw Ave.
Unit 202
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4M 3L1


12:00pm until ??

All regular season games must be played and input by 11:59pm on Thursday Dec 6th. Season 3 awards will be posted here and on the website the next day, and any coach with players receiving bonus skills must declare their selection to me that night.

As per usual there will be two rounds of playoff action. In round one, 1st place will play 4th and 2nd place will play 3rd. The winners of this round will play for Gold and Silver, and the losers will battle it out for the Bronze. All other coaches are invited to play the traditional bonus “grudge match” !Good luck to all coaches as they finish up their season!


  • 1st Place
    $100 Meeplemart gift certificate
    1st place HoBBLe dice
    HoBBLe t-shirt
    Free Season4 Registration
  • 2nd Place
    $60 Meeplemart gift certificate
    2nd place HoBBLe dice
    HoBBLe t-shirt
  • 3rd Place
    $40 Meeplemart gift certificate
    3nd place HoBBLe dice
    HoBBLe t-shirt
  • Grudge Match Most Casualties
    Free Season4 Registration
  • Best Painted
    Best Sportsman
    6 pack of Bloodweiser
Unfortunately the dice will not be ready in time to be presented on the 8th. Anyone who placed 1st/2nd/3rd in any season/piglet pot this year will be given appropriate dice during the Season 4 Kickoff event in early 2013. T-shirts will also be presented at this time once proper sizes are delivered.