Sanctioned Stadiums

As part of the pre-match sequence before rolling for Gate, coaches may choose to roll on the following table to see which official Hogtown Stadium they will be playing in. This rule is completely optional and should only be used if both players agree on it.

Please don’t be offended by them and know they are in the spirit of good fun. Seriously. No, seriously.

D8 Roll Stadium
1 Meeplemart Meat Locker
Team Bonus; Winner 30,000gp, Loser 20,000gp

The Meeplemart Meat Locker has long been host to some of the game’s most epic victories and crushing defeats.

Win or lose, those teams that compete for glory in this, the most prestigious of venues, garner lots of bonus cash from endorsements and record breaking attendance. Also, during the pre-match sequence, coaches each roll 3d6 when determining attendance. Finally, crowds of orcs, ogres and drunken dwarfs often makes for smelly company so on a Weather Table result of 2,3 or 11, in addition to the normal Weather effects, all players placed in squares adjacent to the sidelines (but not the end zone) count as having the Foul Appearance skill but only for so long as they remain in a square adjacent to the sidelines. No offense.

2 Christie Pits Piglet Pen
Team Bonus; 10,000gp

The Piglet Pen is the home of the Piglet Pot but transformed in to a muddy mess after the events of the tournament.

The Pigs are free! Some lazy gobbo forgot to lock the pig pen properly and little angry piglets trained to find the ball randomly scurry around the field. At the start of any turn where the ball is on the ground, a piglet picks it up and moves it one square in a random direction. If the ball would end up on a square occupied by a player, scatter it again until it reaches an empty square. All attempts to pick up a ball on the ground suffer an additional -1 penalty as the ball must be wrestled away from its tiny guardian. Failure to pick up the ball results in a turnover as usual. Note that catching a bouncing ball, inaccurate passes etc are not affected by these rules. Oink.

3 Jarvis Field
Team Bonus; 10,000gp but the Winner spends half of their winnings (round down) on the after party

Jarvis Field is where everyone goes to score. The field draws a diverse crowd depending on the time of day, so you really never know who might show up! Instead of rolling for weather, roll once at the start of the match to see what time of day the match takes place. At the start of the second half, the next time bracket down the list is automatically selected and its effects applied to the game. Scatter the ball a second time on Kick Off table results of Changing Weather but do not roll to change the weather or time.

2d6 Roll:

2pm – 3pm : Early summer afternoon under beautiful sunny skies has drawn out the Elfs in bikini tops and Orcs in speedos. In an effort to impress the crowd, each team is allowed to make TWO blitz actions or TWO pass actions on the same turn once during the course of the game. You must declare you are using this ability at the start of your turn before performing any other action. S O T T !

4pm – 5pm : It’s getting a little hazy in the stands … must be that time! The snacks are flying off the shelves and the crowd is getting buzzed as happy hour also kicks off and a certain popular team mate is nowhere to be found. The player on each team with the most SPPs must miss the opening drive of the half and is instead placed in reserves. In the event of a tie, the owning coach may choose which player is affected. When these two players do return to the game, they will both suffer from Really Stupid for the remainder of the game. Drugs are bad.

6pm – 8pm : College crowd of noisy and belligerent humans, dwarfs and Halflings pack the end zones making lewd gestures and throwing objects on to the field. Each team may, once per game before the start of their turn, declare they are going to incite the crowd. Roll a d6. On a result of 2-6, the crowd lobs an empty bottle of Bugman’s XXXXXX at the player from the opposing team that is closest to your end zone. In the event of a tie, the coach of the team who used this ability may choose which opposing player is affected. That player is placed prone on his square. If he was carrying the ball, it scatters as normal. On a roll of 1, the crowd does nothing. High five, bro.

9pm – 10pm : Its getting dark and the night dwellers are starting to emerge to get a good look at the action. Somewhere in the distance, a pro elf and a dark elf argue about who is more emo. Elsewhere a goblin with one too many hair squigs prepares the ball for a game of Blood Bowl by adorning it with spikes and bling! For the rest of the match, any failed pick up or catch roll (but not interception roll) is treated as the player being attacked with the Stab skill by an opponent. However, it’s hard to miss such a fabulous accessory so all players get an additional +1 modifier on all Catch and Pick Up rolls.

11pm – 12pm and later : The late shift crowd takes control. Among them are the worst of the underworld cheats and thugs, all looking to fix the match to favour their bets. For this match, each coach receives the following free inducements, which are taken in addition to any available inducements they might normally take, and do not count towards the maximum number of the chosen inducement available for purchase. One each of Wizard, Bribe and Bloodweiser Babes (picked up curb side). Don’t eat the crab dip!

4 Ye Olde Stockyard’s Stockyard
Team Bonus; Winner 20,000gp, Loser 10,000gp

The hallowed ground where once stood the New World’s largest swine processing facility is now an open field in the middle of town, and home to one of the city’s oldest Blood Bowl fields. When a match is played here, people come from far and wide, even filling the rooftops of nearby buildings to get a better view of the game. The Stockyard is considered the field where fans are made for life! During the post-match sequence, the winning team automatically receives +1 Fame without having to roll, and the losing team’s Fame automatically remains the same. In addition, once per half, each coach is allowed to make ONE of the following special plays;

  • Miraculous Recovery. Immediately place one of your players who was KO’d or Badly Hurt in to your reserves box.
  • Adrenaline Rush. Play before target player makes any action. Until the end of this turn, that player gains Jump Up, Juggernaut and +2 ST.
  • Form Up! Play after your turn as ended but before your opponent’s turn has begun. During only this turn of your opponent, every player on your team is treated as having the Stand Firm skill.
  • Jeering Fans. Play after both teams have been set up for a kick-off but before kicking off. Roll 2d6 and add your Fan Factor. If your total is less than or equal to your opponent’s Fan Factor, nothing happens. If your total is greater than your opponent’s Fan Factor, your opponent loses one team re-roll for the remainder of the half. If your total is more than twice your opponent’s Fan Factor, you also gain +1Fame for the remainder of the game for all kick-off table results, but not winnings.
5 Swansea Slaughterhouse
Team Bonus; Winner 20,000gp, Loser 10,000gp

The Slaughterhouse game is a special version of Blood Bowl played on a massive conveyor belt where the receiving team is not only fighting to get the ball off the other end, but keep themselves away from the grinding jaws of death to which they are slowly being pulled back towards.

The Slaughterhouse game does not use the Weather Table; all games are played indoors with Nice weather, and Kick-Off table results of Changing Weather are assumed to automatically roll Nice Weather and scatter the ball one additional square as normal.

At the start of each of the Receiving team’s turns EXCEPT the first, ALL models on the pitch are automatically moved one square closer to the receiving team’s end zone – this represents the conveyor belt slowly moving. Any model that would be pushed off the field in that end zone must immediately make an unmodified AG test to avoid the clutches of death. Players who are Knocked Down or Prone automatically fail this test. If the test is passed, they are put in to reserves – if they fail the test, immediately roll on the Casualty Table to see what happens to them (Regeneration & Apothecaries can be used as normal). If the ball would move off the field in this end zone, scatter a new ball in to play from the crowd as normal. Good luck, Dwarfs!

6 Beaches Butchershop
Team Bonus; 10,000gp

The crafty Butchers in the crowd always come prepared to take a slice should the opportunity arise.

Any player pushed in to the crowd will add +1 to their injury roll. Any player noted as a Big Guy (all players with a starting ST of 5 or higher) are choice cuts and will suffer +2 to their injury rolls should they be so unfortunate as to end up on the chopping block. During the post-match sequence, a team is awarded 10,000gp for each of their players who suffered a DEAD result on the Casualty Chart as a result of being pushed in to the crowd, and was not saved by an apothecary or igor. Yum yum.

7 Scarlem Stadium
Team Bonus; Winner gets Respect, Loser gets 10,000 fewer gold for the match

Also known as the ‘Beaches North Invitational Match’ (har har), this weekly event is played under the cover of darkness with little regard to the rules and etiquette of normal Blood Bowl, and normally begins with a ‘Yo Momma’ contest (this is optional). The event is nonetheless attended heavily by the Blood Bowl underground community of devious skaven and dark elves thirsting for blood.

For this match, no player on either team will be called for making a Foul when they roll doubles unless the roll fails to result in an injury roll (in which case they are booed off the pitch). In addition, 2 Star Player Points are earned for ANY casualty (including injuries inflicted by the crowd or from attacks with chainsaws, bombs or the stab skill) when playing in this city. Finally, any Star Player with the Secret Weapon skill may be induced for 10,000 fewer gold. Sup? Sup!? Then hit ‘em with the Forest Whitaker eye.

8 Advanced PATH-BALL!!!
Team Bonus; Loser pays 20,000gp from winnings to Winner, if possible

What started as a chance food court brawl between Da Iron Rok Rekkaz and Waaagh Dis Way eventually led to a league tradition of settling grudges deep in the Skaven tunnels that zigzag below the city.

Before setting up any players for this game, each coach is allowed to single out one player on their opponent’s team as the target of the grudge. That player MUST be set up on the field at the start of each drive if possible. Once during the course of the game, after rolling for a Block or Blitz Action against the target, you may turn any one die in to a Defender Down/POW result, and gain +1 to both Armor and Injury rolls made against the player for this block only (does not affect Piling On, etc). In addition, since the game happens underground, use the following weather table in place of the standard one.

2d6 Roll

2: Cave in! Random bits of debris litter the field making movement tricky. All Go For It attempts fail on a 1 or 2, and all Armor rolls made from failing GFIs are modified by +1.

3 – 4: Fried Fungus. The smell is intoxicating. All players on the pitch are affected by bonehead for their first turn after this weather result is rolled, after which they regain focus and suffer no further effects.

5 – 9: Stale air. But I suppose that isn’t so bad. This result has no effect on the game and is considered perfect Blood Bowl weather.

10 – 11: Poor Lighting. No passes considered Long or Long Bomb can be made, but players with the Hail Mary Pass skill can still use it. In addition, some things will go unnoticed in the dark. Coaches may, once per turn, attempt a second Foul action. After nominating which player will attempt the second foul, and finishing that player’s move action, but before rolling for the foul, roll a d6. The player may only attempt the foul on a roll of 4+. On any other result, the player’s action ends.

12: Rush Hour. Too many puny humans! If this result is rolled at the start of the match, do not roll on the Kick-Off table before the first drive; the Kick-Off table result is automatically considered to be a 12 – Pitch Invasion. If this weather result happens on account of a Changing Weather result, immediately apply the effects of a Pitch Invasion and then continue with the drive.

PATH-Ball is considered to happen within the tight confines of the underground corridor. As a result, both sidelines are in fact solid walls and instead of being pushed in the crowd, a player will instead be slammed in to a wall! When a player is knocked into a wall (with a Defender Down or Defender Stumbles result), leave him in his original square and add +1 to the armor roll due to the unforgiving nature of the stone. Skills may modify this roll as normal. If a player is pushed into a wall but not knocked over (with a Push result), leave him standing in his original square but make an armor roll with a +1 modifier. If his armor is broken, place him prone and roll for Injury as normal. Skills may not modify armor/injury rolls from getting pushed into a wall with a Push result on the block die. Prone players that are pushed into a wall via chain-push take an armor roll with a +1 modifier, just like standing players.