Playoffs, Grudge Matches & Awards

At the end of each season, a Playoff Tournament will be held to determind the Season Champion. The event will be a 2 round bracket tournament with the top four teams vying for supremacy. The top four teams at the end of the regular season determined by total points accumulated (W-D-L = 3-1-0, first tiebreak will be number of wins, second will be season ELO, with the lower ELO being ranked higher) will participate in the tournament. Note: the ranking box on the front page of the manager may be calculated with a different formula. Playoff rankings will be determined by the formula posted here, regardless of what the front page says. The first place team will play the fourth, and the second place team plays the third. The winners of the first round will play for 1st and 2nd place, and the losers will compete for the 3rd place title.

Starting with Season 9, the playoffs will be loosely based on the four Blood Bowl Majors as outlined in the Glittering Prizes section of the CRP. Season 9 playoffs will be bases on the Spike Magazine tournament, and will rotate in order going forward for future seasons.

Any players required to ‘Miss Next Game’ (MNG) as a result of a roll on the Casualty Table will be healed up and ready to play at the start of the playoffs. The playoffs operate in all other respects like regular season matches and players can be injured, gain SPPs and new skills, etc during the tournament.

In addition, the following awards will be handed out at the end of each season, before the Playoff tournament. Players may receive the same award multiple times. The first time a player wins an individual award, he gains the Fan Favourite Skill. The second time he wins the award, he may choose one of the available skills associated with the award as shown below. If a player should win an award three or more times, he gains no additional skills and instead a bounty is placed on his head, which is added to any outstanding vendettas already on the player and may be claimed in the same manner. Additional wins will further increase this bounty by the amount given.

Individual Player Awards

Season MVP: Awarded to the player who accrued the most Star Player Points

  • Award: Fan Favourite
  • Second Award: Pro, Leader, Thick Skull
  • Bounty: 30,000gp

Top Scoring Player:
Awarded to the player who scored the most Touchdowns

  • Award: Fan Favourite
  • Second Award: Nerves of Steel, Fend, Sprint
  • Bounty: 20,000gp

Most Lethal Player:
Awarded to the player who inflicted the most Casualties

  • Award: Fan Favourite
  • Second Award: Piling On, Dirty Player, Multiple Block
  • Bounty: 30,000gp

Leading Passer:
Awarded to the player with the most completed passes

  • Award: Fan Favourite
  • Second Award: Strong Arm, Safe Throw, Dump-Off
  • Bounty: 20,000gp

Most Hated Player:
As voted by you!

  • Award: Fan Favourite and immediate 50,000gp bounty
  • Second Award: Pass Block, Shadowing, Tentacles. Yes, you read that correctly.
  • Bounty: 50,000gp

Team Awards

First Place:
Awarded to the team with the best W/T/L record

  • Award: +2 Fan Factor, and a free extra Re-Roll (for the duration of the playoffs)

Best Offence:
Awarded to the team who scored the most Touchdowns

  • Award: +1 Fan Factor

Best Defence:
Awarded to the team who allowed the least Touchdowns

  • Award: +1 Fan Factor

Most Dangerous:
Awarded to the team who inflicted the most Casualties

  • Award: +1 Fan Factor

Last Place:
Awarded(?) to the team with the worst W/T/L record

  • Award: Free permanent team Re-Roll

In addition to the above awards, there will be physical prizes awarded for coaches who finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd place after the playoffs, as well prizes for Best Sportsmanship and Best Appearance. At the end of the regular season, all coaches will receive a ballot that must be given to the Commish prior to the playoffs. On it, coaches will be given the option of choosing their Most Hated Player, their pick for Best Appearance and their top 3 favourite opponents they played over the course of the regular season in no particular order.

All coaches not on the top two tables are invited to come out and play a special Grudge Match on the day of the playoffs. Starting from the worst ranked coach and working up the list, all coaches not already committed to a game may call out and challenge another available coach present to a special grudge match. The challenged coach cannot refuse to meet this challenge. Grudge matches operate in all respects like a normal season game, with teams gaining gold, and players gaining SPPs and sustaining injuries. However, the coach who issued the challenge may hold the grudge match in any of the eight HoBBLe sanctioned fields he wants.