General Rules

The Hogtown Blood Bowl League will follow all rules as printed in the Living Rule Book version 6.0, also known as the Blood Bowl Competition Rules (BBCR), unless otherwise noted within this document. A copy of the current rules is available for free at the NAF World Headquarters.. In addition to the teams listed in official rules, The HoBBLe also allows the use of the “new” teams described here.

The Golden Rules

Rule the First – The Commissioner’s Word is Law. Ken McNeil is the current Commissioner of the league, aka “The Commish”, and his ruling on any dispute is final.The Assistant to the Commissioner, aka “The Ass-Mish”, is Nicco Goushleff, and will speak for the Commissioner in his absence.

Rule the Second – Respect the Space. Steve, owner of Meeplemart Canada, has been kind enough to offer up a portion of his gaming space to us and without his support there would be no HoBBLe. We are guests at Meeplemart and all coaches are required to keep the gaming space clean and to be respectful of the staff, other gamers and customers.

Creating a Team

Please follow the following rules when creating a new team.

  • All teams must be created as per the BBCR with a starting treasury of 1,000,000 gold.
  • Coaches must register at and, once approved, must use the league’s Online Blood Bowl League Manager (OBBLM) to create and track their team’s progression.
  • All teams included in the BBCR as well as the three additional NAF approved teams (Slaan, Chaos Pact, Underworld) are allowed.
  • All teams start with 5 free Fan Factor, and additional Fan Factor may not be purchased when creating a team. This Fan Factor will be reflected automatically when you create a team on the OBBLM. This will mean that if you spent all of your starting 1,000,000 gold, your starting TV will be 1050.
  • All teams must have a name, and all players must be named (on the roster) and numbered (clearly visible on the model). The number on the miniature MUST match the name/number on the roster. The OBBLM allows for numbers up to 99.

The Commish reserves the right to inspect all rosters and post-match reports in order to maintain the integrity of the league. Players caught falsifying information on their rosters, match reports, match input on the OBBLM or in any way tampering with the records of any coach or player will be ejected from the league and ridiculed for being colossal neckbeards.


Each year will be divided in to 1-2 seasons. Coaches must pay a Franchising Fee to the League at the start of each season (usually $20), and choose one of their teams to participate in the season. Each season will culminate in a playoff tournament to determine the seasonal champion and runners up.

  • Seasons will be scheduled. The exact form and length of the schedule will be decided in advance of the season kick off date. Each game will have a two week period assigned to it, and the game must be completed by 11:59 PM on the second Sunday. You may play ahead of the schedule if both coaches are able to do so, but your games must be played in the order listed on the schedule.
  • If a scheduled game is not completed on time, and both coaches put in a reasonable attempt to make it happen, the game will go into the books as a 0-0 tie, with no FF, winnings, or SPP given to either team. If one coach feels the other made no effort to get the game scheduled, they may request a forfeit. The Commish and/or Ass-mish will consider the request and grant or deny the forfeit accordingly. A forfeit will count as a 2-0 win for the opponent, with no FF, winnings, or SPP awarded. If you know you are going to have a scheduling conflict, plan ahead accordingly and/or contact the Commish.
  • At the beginning of a season, all teams will have any MNG players from Open League or a previous season/playoffs available for the first game.
  • You are allowed to restart your team from scratch during a running season. It actually means that all players and coaching staff retire, fan factor, re-rolls and money reset, and you start buying players and coaching staff as if starting a new team. So the team’s name and the race stay unchanged, and its history continues. Points and scores already earned in the season are NOT reset. If the team is about to restart, it is not allowed to spend money on bounties just before that.
  • Coaches are responsible for their own record keeping during matches. Match Report sheets will be available in the league files dossier which will be at Meeplemart on all game days. Coaches are also responsible for inputting these match reports in to the OBBLM in a timely manner, and encouraged to submit a quick summary of the match’s highlights along with it for all to read, laugh at and envy.


All players must be numbered with numbers corresponding directly to their OBBLM roster. During regular season play, teams are not required to be fully painted but unpainted teams can not have more fame than a painted team. During the playoffs all teams must be painted!


In addition to the inducements presented in the BBCR, the following two inducements are available to all coaches.

  • 0-1 Additional MVP. Cost: 400,000gp. The team receives an additional MVP at the end of the match, awarded to any player of the coach’s choosing.
  • 0-1 Sir Oinks-a-lot. Cost: 100,000gp. The team hires Sir Oinks-a-lot, who acts in all respects as a Star Player but may be taken in addition to any Star Players the coach could normally induce. In addition, Sir Oinks-a-lot may be fielded as a twelfth player. He has the following profile:
    Name Skills MA ST AG AV
    Sir Oinks-a-lot Loner, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stunty, Dodge,
    Really Stupid, Sneaky Git, Dirty Player, Fend
    5 2 2 10
  • Additional Star Players. The HoBBLe also has the following Star Players for hire in addition to those listed in the CRP:
    Name Cost Skills MA ST AG AV
    Frank N. Stein 210K Loner, Break Tackle, Mighty Blow, Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull 4 5 1 9
      Plays for: Human, Necromantic, Undead
    Bilerot Vomitflesh 180K Loner, Dirty Player, Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance 4 5 2 9
      Plays for: Chaos, Nurgle
    Rasta Tailspike 110K Loner, Catch, Extra Arms 8 3 3 7
      Plays for: Skaven
    Guffle Pusmaw 210K Loner, Foul Appearance, Monstrous Mouth*, Nurgle’s Rot 5 3 4 9
      Plays for: Nurgle

Additional Skills

In addition to the skills listed in the CRP, the following additional Extraordinary skills will be added to the following player types:

  • Skaven Gutter Runners (including Skitter Stab-Stab and Hakflem Skuttlespike) have the new skill Weeping Dagger. If this player causes a Badly Hurt as a result of a Block, roll a D6. On a 4+, the Badly Hurt is upgraded to a Miss Next Game.
  • Halfling Treemen (including Deeproot Strongbranch) have the new skill Timmm-ber! This player gains a +1 to the Stand Up roll for each adjacent teammate not in an opposing Tackle Zone.
  • Star Player Guffle Pusmaw has the new skill Monstrous Mouth. This player can re-roll a failed Catch or Interception roll. Additionally, Strip Ball will not work against this player.

Recording Casualties & Star Player Points

Coaches should note that Star Player Points (SPPs) earned for causing casualties are awarded before Regeneration and Apothecary rolls have been made. For example, if you caused a casualty that resulted in a DEAD result on the Casualty Table that was then Apothecaried to a Badly Hurt result, your player would receive 2 SPPs and it would be recorded as a Kill on his player profile.

The Hobble uses the following rules for Star Player Points in addition to those presented in the LRB:

  • MVPs are determined randomly at the end of each match. Only players, including journeymen, who played at least one drive during the match are eligible to be awarded MVP. Players who have died during the match CAN be awarded MVP posthumously, in which case the MVP is lost along with the player. Mercenaries and Star Players are NEVER eligible to be awarded MVP.
  • Casualties inflicted as a result of a Foul action will award the fouling player 2 SPPs but only if the Casualty Table roll results in (61-68) DEAD. This is the only fouling result that awards SPPs and is the only fouling result to be recorded on the match report and player statistics.

After calculating all SPPs, both coaches are required to make necessary rolls on the Improvement Table in the presence of their opponent for all players who have skilled up. Coaches are required to submit chosen skills and stat improvements via their team profile on the league OBBLM before their next match. Skill choices are permanent, so choose wisely!


League Matches are never taken to overtime. A result of a tie at the end of the second half will be recorded as such. Since playoff matches must never end in a tie, the overtime rules in the Official Rules will be used.


Coaches may spend gold from their team treasury (minimum 10,000gp) to place a bounty on a player’s head. If that player dies for any reason (during a block, stab, foul, crowd surf, anything!) the opposing team will be awarded the bounty at the end of the game. If the marked player retires, the money is lost to corruption.

Bounties should be submitted to the Commish in writing or via email sent to including the target player’s name and value of the bounty. The Commish will then deduct the gold from your team’s treasury and the vendetta will be posted on the league’s website for all to see. Note that all bounties are placed in secret.

Spiralling Expenses

Spiralling Expenses are in effect for the HoBBLe. However, adjust the Spiraling Expenses table found on page 29 of the BBCR to the following:

1810 – 1900 = 10K
1910 – 2000 = 20K
2010 – 2100 = 30K
2110 – 2200 = 40K
2210 – 2300 = 50K
2310 – 2400 = 60K
2410 – 2500 = 70k
2510 – 2600 = 80k
2610 – 2700 = 90k
2710 – 2800 = 100k
2810 – 2900 = 110k
Continuing in steps of 100k = +10k each.

Argue the Call

When one of your players is ejected due to Secret Weapon or a caught foul, you may Argue the Call. To Argue the Call, roll a d6. On a 6, move the player to reserves instead of ejecting him from the game. On a 2-5, the player is ejected as normal. On a 1, both the player and head coach are ejected, giving a -1 to all further Brilliant Coaching rolls during the current game. Additionally, you may not Argue a Call for the remainder of the current game.

Additional changes from CRP

Human Catchers cost 60,000 GP, not 70,000 GP as listed in the CRP.

Rules Disputes and Sportsmanship

In the spirit of good fun, the lame illegal procedure rule will not be enforced in regular league matches, but may be enforced in playoff games should one coach request it. So learn it regardless!

Coaches are also required to clearly indicate which models have taken an action during their turn by spinning the model around once activated, or by some other means discussed with their opponents before the match commences. Similarly, coaches are reminded to make a clear distinction between models who are Knocked Down and models which are Stunned to avoid confusion.

Any rules disputes should be resolved between the coaches involved to the best of their abilities. If available, the Commish or Ass-Mish may be consulted. If not and the coaches involved cannot resolve the issue, flip a coin to see who’s interpretation is used this time and advise the Commissioner of the issue(s) so they can provide a ruling for the league.

While trash talk is encouraged, coaches are reminded that ultimately this is a game that is meant to be fun! Participants in the league found to be abusive will be given a single verbal warning followed by an official written censure. Should poor behaviour continue, the person(s) will be asked to leave the league.

Open League

At any time a Season is not running, or even while a season is running, new and developing teams are encourage to participate in the Open League. Open League games follow normal HoBBLe rules as outlined above, with the following exceptions:

  • Only new teams and teams that have not played in a regular season are eligible to play in the open league. Teams that have only played in a Piglet Pot or other exhibition match are eligible. Once a team starts a regular season, it is no longer allowed to play in the Open League.
  • Coaches can (and are encouraged to) have multiple teams participating in the Open League. Coaches may not have multiple teams of the same race participating in the Open League at any given time.
  • There is no entry fee required to participate in the Open League.

A Final Note

The Hogtown Blood Bowl league is constantly growing and changing. As the seasons run on, situations may occur that warrant new rules to be added to this document, and changes made to existing rules. Coaches are encouraged to offer feedback, and all suggestions should be sent to to be considered.

Remember that fun is always the goal of any match, but in a much more literal way, winning is the goal of any match. Praise Nuffle and to hell with the odds!