Dark Elf TV1000 starting roster

I have run my dark elves in a few leagues and have tried a couple very different builds, but I definitely feel that the build I used recently in Season 1 of the HoBBLe (at the time, NaBBLe) is now my preferred. In previous attempts I have started with no blitzers to try and squeeze in both witch elves and an extra reroll – the thinking being that when you buy a blitzer they are immediately useful coming with block and allowing you to get early SPP on the witches and lineelves. An experienced coach could possibly get away with this in a league where every team is brand new and end up developing a real powerhouse but it could also really depend on other teams (lots of amazon/dwarf/norse could make it difficult)

Now my preferred starting roster is;

  • 3x Blitzer (300K)
  • 1x Witch Elf (110K)
  • 7x Lineelf (490K)
  • 2x Rerolls (100K)

I consider at least 1 witch a minimum to start. Frenzy really helps you to control the speed and direction of the game, reducing the width of the pitch and also helps to take down annoying pieces like blodgers with the second hit. She also gives you a dodge player with the added bonus of jump up meaning you can usually do what you want with her. Just make sure that once you use her to hit, you protect her.

3 blitzers gives you a decent amount of block for a starting team, this is where the other build will fail you, sometimes even trying to take down players like goblins and halflings. Having players with block in your earliest games is huge for taking down opponents with dodge, as well as ensuring you don’t shoot yourself in the foot taking on opponents with block.

You could drop 2 blitzers for 2 lineelves to afford another reroll, but I would suggest against this. 1 player with block is easy enough to mark & avoid and there is every likelyhood that having your important blocks/blitzes done by players with block will save you rerolls anyways.

Final tip, for AG4 base teams – unless you are trying to score as quickly as possible, I highly recommend every time you receive, keep a different elf back to attempt a pick-up and pass. Just get that 1SPP on as many pieces as possible so that a random MVP will get you a skill roll.